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Endeavour 500

With plenty of deck space, the Endeavour 500 is ideal for keen sea and lake anglers, and its deep freeboard makes it an incredibly safe and sturdy boat for families wanting to take the children for an adventure on the water. But what really separates the Endeavour 500 from its competitors is the hull’s stringer system, which incorporates 15 separate buoyancy chambers – rendering the boat virtually unsinkable and guaranteeing a safe and stable ride through choppy seas.

When powered with a 60HP engine, the Endeavour 500 transforms into excellent sports boat, ideal for water skiing, wake boarding or towing toys. Because of its size and weight, the Endeavour 500 is the perfect boat to tow with a small car and can be easily launched and recovered by just one person.


Freeboard32" inc rail
Weight500 kg
Max persons4
Max power5 to 80HP
CE CategoryC

If you’re the sort of boater who wants to explore the waters, from the highest of seas to the calmest of canals, and if safety and quality are of paramount importance – the Endeavour 500 is the boat for you.

ID: 2786

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